Cuplock System  
Channel Nuts,Spring Nuts
Channel Brackets, Struts
Cantilever Arms
Pipe Clamps

The Cuplock system’s main feature is the unique method of connecting ledgers and transoms to the standards(verticals) in one single action without the use of nuts,bolts,couplers or wedges.

The locking device is formed by two cups,affixed lower cup which is welded to the standard at pre-located 0.5 mtr intervals, and a sliding upper cup.The forged blade ends of ledgers and transoms are located into the lower cup,the upper cup is moved down and rotated to secure the component in place and tightened by a hammer blow to give a positive and rigid connection.

It is this feature that makes this system faster to erect than any other scaffold system.There is no time wastage in lining-up pockets on standards.There are no loose parts to get lost and no delays trying to straighten damaged wedges.

Systems Scaffolding focus on answering the needs of our clients both commercially and technically. We have a forward looking technology and design programme and our independence ensures that we can adapt to our clients needs rapidly and focus on working in a way that fits with our client’s requirements. Our company is centred on addressing the product needs of our clients.


We are equipped to offer you cuplock in durable painted and Bright Galvanised finish.

• New Building.
• Building extensions.
• Housing.
• Engineering.
• Roofing access.
• Bridge Building.
• Formwork safe access.
• Construction Projects.
• High rise applications.
• Grand stand support structures.

Four standard braces are used in the elevation plane of the scaffold to provide the necessary stability in that direction during erection and use of the scaffold. The blades at either end swivel to make fitting of the component easier and they are locked in place as before. It is important there is a line of horizontals at the same node point where the braces lock off to provide effective restraint. 2.5m x 2.0m Brace (O/A 3255mm)
Weight:  11.5 kg
2.5m x 1.5m Brace (O/A 2969mm)
Weight:  10.7 kg
1.8m x 2.0m Brace (O/A 2744mm)
Weight:  9.8 kg
1.8m x 1.5m Brace (O/A 2396mm)
Weight:  8.7 kg


Horizontals are used for the three applications of ledger, transom or guard rail and have symmetrical forged blade ends for simple erection and interchangeability. These items are also manufactured from high grade steel to keep weight of the equipment low for handling purposes and reduced self weight loading on the system and are secured by locating the blades in the cups on the standards
2.5m Ledgers (O/A 2452mm)
Weight:  9.5 kg
1.8m Ledgers (O/A 1752mm)
Weight:  7.0 kg
1.3m Ledgers (O/A 1252mm)  
Weight:  5.1 kg
0.9m Ledgers (O/A 852mm)
Weight:  3.6 kg
0.8m Ledgers (O/A 752mm)
Weight:  3.1 kg
0.6m Ledgers (O/A 552mm)
Weight:  2.1 kg



Standards support and restrain the ledgers, transoms, diagonals etc.. By trapping the blade of these units between pairs of steel cups mounted at 500mm centres starting at 80mm up from the bottom. The lower cups are welded to the standard whilst the upper cups are captive but rotate freely securing upto 4 components. The top cup is hand tightened at first to trap the blades then secured with light hammer blows. CForm standards use 48.3mm diameter tube manufactured from higher grade steel than normal scaffold tube allowing reduced tube wall thickness(3.2mm) thus making the system lighter to handle.
3.0m Standard
Weight:  16.6 kg |
2.0m Standard
Weight:  11.4 kg
1.0m Standard  
Weight:  5.5 kg
3.0m Open Ended Standard|
Weight:  16.5 kg
2.5m Open Ended Standard
Weight:  14.0 kg


Hop Up Brackets
Batten hop up brackets are used to provide 1,2 & 3 board wide inside platform extensions. The 1 board bracket operates in cantilever from the cup on the standard and does not require ledgers to secure the cantilevered end nor does it support a handrail. The 2 & 3 board brackets require additional support which is provided by the struts added underneath the unit and ledgers spanning between the cantilever ends of the brackets. (Handrail sockets are provided with 2 & 3 Board Brackets) NB load table available upon request
1 Board Batten Hop Up Bracket
Weight:  2.3 kg
2 Board Batten Hop Up Bracket
Weight:  6.6 kg
3 Board Batten Hop Up Bracket
Weight:  7.6 kg



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